Sports is an important activity, which has to be carried out to take care of the all-round development of the students and to inculcate a sense of healthy competition amongst them.

We provide facilities to students to pursue a wide range of sporting activities in the campus. The outdoor facilities include football and cricket fields. Basketball, and Volleyball and an indoor recreation hall for chess, carom, etc. Along with the academics the benefits of sports cannot be undermined for the wholesome development of the student. Knowing the importance of sports in today's scientific era, due emphasis is laid on every student's participation in various sports events, to ensure the shaping of the overall personality, health and fitness of an individual student.

Among top cbse schools in Hyderabad our Institute holds annual sports meet during the month of February. Seasonal games and their competitions are held throughout the session. Particularly MOUNT LITERA OLYMPIADS. Our students excelled in the Zonal rounds that held at Mount Litera Zee High School, Hosur, Tamil Nadu in which 19 out of 26 students swept the prizes and entered Nationals.Thus Sports provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn good interaction and sportsmanship skills.
The sports events which are annually conducted by our school are 
Volley Ball

With an aim to make our students stress free from their hectic study schedule and also for proper utilization of their leisure time, Our school has developed a play field. The play field has been designed to provide facilities for athletic and outdoor sports. For indoor sports such as carom, chess etc. A number of indoor games are available in the hostels like Carom Board, Chess and Taekwondo etc.