Library Rules :

The school‘s Learning Centre / Library will aim to provide a wide range of printed and electronic resources to support the academic, creative and cultural development of all students. It will also provide an ambience for motivating the students to enhance their creativity, original thinking & innovativeness for lifelong quest to discover and explore realms of knowledge. Learning Centre / Library will be the nerve of the school/ Institution. After installation of school management software, lt will be fully computerized to facilitate prompt location of any book/ CD / DVD and efficient retrieval and restoration system. Open shelf system will also be introduced where each and every student will have free access to all the books and watch CDs / DVDs in the Learning Centre / Library.

Rules: -

  • Silence should be maintained in the Learning Centre / Library at all times.
  • Failure to return the books on time will lead to the payment of fine according to the rules of the Learning Centre / Library.
  • lf a book is lost/damaged, it must be either replaced or appropriate amount is to be paid to the Learning Centre / Library.
  • All books borrowed from Learning Centre/ Library must be returned prior to commencement of Vacation or Breaks.