Most of the schools and colleges who has a cricket team are purchasing leverage bowling machines to to give their team a best tool for cricket practice

with leverage bowling machine a batsman can develop his skill set and perform better in matches

Leverage yantra a three wheel bowling machine is used to practice any kind of bowling variation a human bowler can bowl. This will help a batsman to get quality bowling attack which he generally don't get in his regular nets practice.

Leverage Yantra is equipped to bowl 5 bowling types which include specialty variations like in-swing seam out and out-swing seam in deliveries. A player or a coach can select his desired swing type and schedule his practice. Bounce simulation feature in Leverage Yantra is most advanced feature in bowling machines.

A coach or a player can vary bounce according to his desire.
He can create a low bounce delivery or high bounce delivery without altering the speed, line or length.