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BrainCafé is Zee Learn's endeavour to reach out to schools across India and enable them with innovative & interactive learning environment


Be the most preferred partner in creating innovative learning environments that facilitate holistic development of the child.

Core Beliefs

  • BrainCafé believes that 'Learning By Doing' leads to a sustainable understanding
  • Skill development is an important need for the children of the 21st century along with conceptual understanding

Programme Highlights

Japanese Innovation

  • ZLGSA brings the best of Japanese education to India.
  • Backed by 65 years of R&D and experience in international markets
Execution Excellence
  • Our expert coaches conduct each and every class
  • Coaches are meticulously trained by Japanese experts
Certificate Programme
  • Students will be awarded certification after successful completion of each level
  • Based on the methodology of "Observe, Explore, Reflect"
  • Hands-on experiments designed to enhance higher order thinking skills among students

Programme Pillars

A well researched Science Programme for young minds

Learning outcomes

Programme Highlights

  • 20 Hr. workshop which involved building of 10 functional robots individually
  • Take-away kit for every child
  • Certificate to every child on successful completion of the course
  • Prepares a child to sustain in today's competitive world
  • The program starts right from scratch and builds the base for a child in this field

Learning Outcomes

  • Applying concepts of Math and Science practically
  • Basic concepts of Mechanics and Electronics
  • Working principal with practical implementation of concepts related to technology
  • Making an automated robot with electronic brain and electromechanical muscles
  • Developing higher order thinking skills (HOTS)
  • Encourages to generate new ideas and logical thinking
  • Encourages experimenting with new ideas

Programme Highlights

The programme has been designed in such a manner that there is a proper emphasis on various topics like Grammar, Neutral Pronunciation, Communication Skills, Voice Modulation, Vocabulary building and other aspects like Assessment and Feedback. The main feature of the program is that it is a Self Paced Learning programme and interactive in nature.

Learning Outcomes

All four aspects of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing are improved. This programme not only improves Vocabulary of the student but also improves their communication skills, thus making them more confident and presentable.